Fabian Piorkowsky
Master Herbalist and Shamanic Healer


Enter the world of sacred plant healing with Fabian Piorkowsky as he takes you on a journey through mind-body-spirit. From traditional Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies to modern microdosing, discover the secrets to transformation, optimization, and well-being. Explore metaphysical realms with a master herbalist and healer as Fabian integrates his extensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, indigenous medicine, shamanism, philosophy, and psychology. Experience this engaging and profound video series that speaks to your higher self.


Spagyric Microdosing Q&A

This free 27 minute video features Fabian's insightful answers to questions from his talk "A Holistic Approach to Spagyric Microdosing"

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A Holistic Approach To Sacred Plant Medicine

Fabian discusses how he draws on his background in esoteric philosophy, western medicine, herbalism, and traditional healing to develop his modern method of working with sacred plants in ceremonies and as microdosing to help people achieve balance and profound wellness.


How Sacred Plants Help You Find and Support Your Life Purpose

In this master class, Fabian explains how these amazing tools can empower connection with our higher selves and profound insight into the meaning and direction of our lives.


Preparation For Sacred Plant Ceremony

Find out how to properly prepare for an Ayahuasca ceremony including the traditional purpose of the diet and which aspects are for medical and psycho-spiritual reasons. Learn how to optimize your experience with any entheogen through purification, intention, set and setting.


Ayahuasca As a Tool To Rewire Your Brain

Discover how to use altered states, specifically with sacred plants, for self realization, self actualization and self development.


A Holistic Approach to Spagyric Microdosing

Explore the popular new world of micro-dosing as Fabian discusses his innovative approach with sacred plant spagyric alchemy for healing and performance optimization as the first legal, safe, effective option.


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Sacred Soundscape Meditation Mix by Fabiano do Nascimento

Enjoy this free sacred soundscape by Brazilian composer, Fabiano Do Nascimento.This transformative music offers therapeutic properties by relaxing the mind into a comforting deep journey on a cellular level. Access more of his work here.


When it comes to hacking Life with sacred plant tools, Fabian is an ancient tech wizard. His vast knowledge integrates so many disciplines that it can take multiple listenings to peel back the layers. Always delivered with delightful energy, Fabian’s profound insights and guidance have been a tremendous catalyst for my own transformation and empowerment as a healer.



Fabian is an accomplished master of sacred plant medicine, combining modern scientific inquiry with an intuitive understanding of the energetic nature of the plants that he works with. I recommend him as a teacher and workshop leader for those exploring the ancient wisdom of enhancing human consciousness with sacred plants.


Fabian is a great mind and accomplished teacher bringing the wisdom of ancient plant medicine healing to modern practitioners. Through his deep knowledge of both traditional healing and Western science and psychology, he is able to connect with his students and express understanding of their struggles, experiences, relationships and traumas. Fabian has a singular ability to make the sacred relevant to our modern world.



I always say Fabian is a fountain of knowledge. The work he's done on himself is apparent in his product, providing the world with accessible, legal micro doses of sacred plant medicine. He is sending a message to the world: Less is more. Less quantities, less consumption. But more self empowerment. I love soul drops. They enable me to tap into the energy on a very subtle level. Which, for right now, is something I need: to be more on earth. Even my mother takes them!




Sacred Plant Microdosing for Mind+Body+Spirit

SOUL DROPS™ are powerful herbal supplements made from sacred plants to promote holistic wellness. Created by renowned shamanic healer and biochemist, Fabian Piorkowsky, SOUL DROPS use an ancient spagyric process to offer all-natural, legal, safe microdosing. With only a few drops per day, these potent plant essences can help you feel better, more balanced, connected, energetic, focused, creative, inspired, calm, relaxed, intuitive, and integrated.


SOL brings positive energy to the day. Just a dropper in the morning provides clarity, connectedness and calm with an energy boost for physical and emotional balance.


LUN brings relaxed energy to the evening. Only a dropper at the end of the day offers a deep sense of serenity and healing while opening up spiritually.


COSMOS enhances lucid dreaming and self-awareness. Just a dropper before bed draws you into deep restful sleep while tuning into intuitive wisdom.


With only a dropper per day, our unique, Ayurvedic herbal MIND drops empower concentration, information retention, and mental performance with a sense of serenity.

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Fabian Piorkowsky is an herbalist, biochemist, and shamanic plant healer who has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world for over 20 years. His unique approach integrates modern science, ancient healing modalities, spiritual philosophies, and sacred plant medicine.

This diverse background includes studying chemistry, physics, physiology, Ayurvedic medicine, Kabbalah, Buddhism, the Vedas, training with multiple shamanic lineages and dietas with dozens of indigenous healing plants.

Fabian was the first to develop a methodology of working with Ayahuasca that allows people who are excluded by most practitioners to safely access the medicine. His innovative healing prac- tice integrates multiple master teacher plants to empower people to achieve deep healing and energetic balance. Fabian was also the first to develop sacred plant spagyric microdosing that enables people to safely and legally work with the powerful healing energy as a daily practice athome and still achieve a profound level of wellness, personal growth and self-optimization.

A frequent speaker at conferences and workshops, Fabian is passionate about sharing holistic healing wisdom and has been featured in the press and in the documentary, "The Reality of Truth."


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