Fabian Piorkowsky

Herbalist, Biochemist and Shamanic Plant Healer

Fabian Piorkowsky is an herbalist, biochemist, and shamanic plant healer who has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world for over 20 years. His unique approach integrates modern science, ancient healing modalities, spiritual philosophies, and sacred plant medicine.

This diverse background includes studying chemistry, physics, physiology, Ayurvedic medicine, Kabbalah, Buddhism, the Vedas, training with multiple shamanic lineages and dietas with dozens of indigenous healing plants.

Fabian was the first to develop a methodology of working with Ayahuasca that allows people who are excluded by most practitioners to safely access the medicine. His innovative healing prac- tice integrates multiple master teacher plants to empower people to achieve deep healing and energetic balance. Fabian was also the first to develop sacred plant spagyric microdosing that enables people to safely and legally work with the powerful healing energy as a daily practice athome and still achieve a profound level of wellness, personal growth and self-optimization.




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