Sound Submersion - Volume 2

A leap into consciousness with the theraputic properties of SOUND.


Listen to the whisper of something ineffably important, as you open the secret key to the inner workings of the cosmic mind.

This state of the art album recording, is a unique sound meditation experience of harmonic overtone frequencies, designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

It will help you achieve a deeper meditative state while empowering you to elevate inner peace and tranquility.

Sit comfortably with your spine straight up, or lie down. Relax as you experience how the universe spontaneously manifest order out of chaos.

To best appreciate the spontaneous manifestation of these harmonic overtone recordings, please use over-the-ear headphones.

This album is recorded in part with binaural microphones to create a 3D stereo sound sensation and is available in high fidelity .wav files


In this deep dive binaural recording, you’ll experience the full spectrum of a sound meditation event. This gentle yet powerful experience has a therapeutic effect for mind and body. It will transport you into a deep state of relaxation to the infinite point of bliss, that enables the body to actively heal on the cellular level. Enhance your attentiveness, release stress, and enjoy a good night of restful sleep with peaceful dreams.

In this mix Alexandre Tannous is using Songpods, Sansula (in A minor), Tibetan gong 8”, small Japanese bell, Thai gong 11”, Koshi chimes (Ignis tuning) and the African shaker.

Listen to a one minute preview below.

SINGING BOWLS - 16:46 min.

Himalayan singing bowls are immensely valuable instruments in sound therapy due to the power of the harmonics they emit and their impact on our consciousness. In this unique recording, Alexandre Tannous is using a set of antique singing bowls from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century. These hand-hammered bowls made out of bronze which is an alloy of copper and tin, bring out the normally inaudible harmonics with which he creates an extemporized composition, of interweaving frequencies. The power of the overall sound comes out of the exploration of natural harmony: the harmonic overtone series.

Listen to a one minute preview below.

MERCURY GONG - 17:06 min

The Paiste Mercury Gongs has a wide and texture-rich harmonic spectrum. Observe attentively as you listen how Alexandre explores this powerful harmonic spectrum and the full dynamic range in this track. Listen to the shifting cluster of frequencies without any judgement. Enjoy judiciously and visualize opening yourself to the sound. This recording will get you into a deep meditative state that can disengage undesirable habitual patterns of thought and will empower positive, long-lasting cognitive and behavioral change.

Listen to a one minute preview below.


Experience a deep relaxing mind shift, calm and relax your nervous system and transcend with this blissful sweet rejuvenating meditation. Alexandre is playing the harmonic overtone instruments, Wing in A minor (mallet instrument), Sansula (standard tuning in A minor) Koshi chimes (Ignis tuning).

Listen to a one minute preview below.


Relax into the secret key to the inner workings of the cosmic mind.

Rejuvenating Mind Shift - Alexandre Is Playing The Shruti Box

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Alexandre Tannous is an ethnomusicologist, and one of the world’s leading sound therapists and sound researchers. For the past 18 years he has been investigating the therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three different perspectives—Western scientific and academic, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic societal beliefs—to gain a deeper understanding of how, and to what extent, sound has been used to affect human consciousness. This search has led him to the intersection of art, science, philosophy, and spirituality, and has provided him with a deeper understanding of how sound reveals and unlocks hidden powers that promote profound inner transformation and healing.


Himalayan Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Kalimba thump drums, ShrutiBoxes, Tuning forks, Wings and various other sound meditation instruments are available at the Woom Sound Center in New York (in store only).

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A Vertical Space Production for

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesse Flower-Ambroch

Sound cymatics artwork by Gabriel Kelemen

Cover picture by Gerald Forster