Giada Lubomirski

Born in Manhattan, NY to a Cuban mother and an Italian father, Giada Lubomirski (nee Torri) spent her childhood years in Rome, Italy before moving to the States at the age of 13. After acquiring her Bachelors in Textile Design and Fabric Styling, Giada pursued her passion through jobs in fashion design in New York City. After working as a stylist for several years, she decided to change career paths and move more towards the art and photography industry. She quickly landed the role of Director of Milk Gallery in New York City.
At Milk Studios, she was able to produce, curate, and oversee all details involving music concerts, events, fashion shows, art and photography exhibitions, film screenings and charity events with major clients and brands worldwide.
In 2008, she met her husband, fashion photographer, Alexi Lubomirski, whilst producing and curating his photography show at Milk Studios, entitled “Transit”.
After Milk Studios, and giving birth to two sons, Giada’s social conscience was further awakened and she started to see the world through different eyes, realizing that she wanted to become part of the environmental solution rather than the problem. After watching an inspirational play about global issues, she started to educate herself about many different industries and their impact on the environment (which included the fashion industry, among others). She soon began to get involved in environmental, humanitarian, and creative projects that would define her life mission.
Presently, she is in the process of collaborating with different key personalities in the fashion industry and producing/directing her first documentary, Ecouture. This awareness piece, coming from a fashion lover’s perspective, will be the first of many, aimed to showcase solutions for global brands to follow environmental and sustainable practices.