SuperHero meditations and fun mindful games to support families and their children to enhance the social-emotional learning experience.

Friends We Love

Tamara Edwards

The BE Society is a global community of meditators. We gather weekly in different cities around the world. Each week we explore a fresh location within the city and a leader in the field guides us in a meditation technique. After we meditate we hang out and hold an open discussion about meditation or other important topics of interest that come up organically. Friendships and Partnerships are formed and consciousness expands. The BE Society’s mission is to create a space in the city for people to BE together, explore different meditation techniques to expand and deepen one’s meditation practice, and nurture a conscious community which provides its members with strength and inspiration. Many of us are creatives, fostering a growing synergy between meditation and the arts, but The BE Society is open to all. BE gatherings are now happening Tuesdays at 7:00pm in NY, LA, SF and London.