Hari Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini Chakra Course
A Creative Meditative Chanting and Guided Experience.

Led by internationally renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher, Hari Kaur Khalsa, explores the profound wisdom of the Chakra system to invite deep healing and a stronger connection between your physical and mental body.


My name is Hari Kaur Khalsa and I am happy to offer you this opportunity for transformation and healing through an experiential journey through the Chakras.

The chakras are part of the yoga philosophical model for healing and self expression. Before modern psychology, this model of energy vortexes provided a powerful approach to both physical and psychological well-being. Each of these chakras, or vortexes, are located in areas of the body that have concentrations of glands and organs that perform significant biological processes. In this course I like to demystify the mind/body matrix in which our psychological and biological experience are linked. Each lesson we discover the significant healing properties of another chakra, each lesson we’ll chant the 7 waves Sat Nam harmonic overtones together. And in each lesson we’ll unlock the creative awareness that leads us to release tension and stress from earlier life experiences.

The story of the chakras empowers us to develop self care and self assessments and move forward to become happier, healthier and more peaceful.

Please join me in these lessons as we journey together through this experiential guided chakra chant meditations. That will vibrate to deep relaxation and a clear creative structure for healing.

Let’s begin!


Listen to Hari’s own words as she explains what this chakra meditation course is and how best you can use it.


Whenever you like to tune your vocals before getting into the guided chakra meditation.



Introduction To The Chakras And Their Attributes

We begin the journey with a definition and overview of the philosophy of the chakras and how we can derive an expanded awareness through the study of the chakras. You will also have the opportunity to be gently guided into a deeper state of awareness through a breath practice. The primary experience of this course is a self-hypnotic journey into a meditative toning chant that gently and powerfully empowers your mind body connection to connect to the wisdom of the chakras. Each day you go deeper and longer into your practice to embody the concepts and wisdom. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


First Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

We focus on the chakras beginning with the first chakra, in Sanskrit it is called Muladhara Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine. You will be guided to sense your body and breath while listening to the attributes associated with the First Chakra. We begin with a few minutes of the meditative toning chant in this session. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Second Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

We move upward into the second chakra, in Sanskrit it is called Svadishtana Chakra, located in the area of your hips. This chakra concerns your imagination and the depths to which you can drop into your mind and thoughts. In today's session we add a minute of chanting to move more deeply into the tranforming sound. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Third Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

We move upwards to the third chakra, Manipura Chakra, which is in the area of your solar plexus. You awaken to and discover the power behind it all. Today, we add another minute to the chant to experience the challenge and fulfill the comittment and action associated with the third chakra. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Fourth Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

We arrive at the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, Anahata Chakra, in this session. This chakra is located at the ribcage and includes heart and lungs, and is associated with love and kindness. Another minute longer of the chant extends your experience of your breath. When you experience deeper and longer breaths, it is said that the heart chakra is opened. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Fifth Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

We next move into the Throat Chakra, Vishudha Chakra, where our mind, approach, and thoughts are purified. Discover the superpower of the Fifth Chakra. Another minute longer in the chant gently beckons you to surrender and merge with the sound. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Sixth Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

The Sixth Chakra, the Ajna Chakra, is located at the Third Eye, between your eyebrows at the root of you nose at the pituitary gland. In this lesson, again we’re adding another minute to the seven wave chant, which helps you to evolve into the intuitive state. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Seventh Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

The Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara Chakra, the Thousand Petaled Lotus, is located at the crown of the head. Here you explore your connection with the unknown and the higher and vast thoughts of the mind. The experience of vastness leads to the ability to be subtle which can lead to sensing wisdom and sacredness everywhere. During the meditative toning chant you embody all the chakras in your awareness. The journey is almost complete. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Eighth Chakra & The Seven-Wave Toning Chant

While not always included in the study of the Chakras, we include here the study of your Aura, the space around your body that helps to create safe space, and mirrors the health and harmony of all the chakras. The final length of the chant is about 11 minutes, allowing you to sense all the chakras with each repetition of the chant. This completes our journey through the chakras. The full length of the chant can help strenghten your ability to create balance in your life and be happy. Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Applied Wisdom: The Key To Creating Harmonious Relationships

In this final class Hari shares one super powered wisdom teaching. Here is an absolutely transformative application of the chakra wisdom, and everybody can get it! Purchase Course to Access Lesson


Receive this FREE heart chakra meditation from the course to inspire the experience.

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Hari is a world renowned master teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditaiton as taught by Yogi Bhajan. For ten years, Hari worked alongside Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, directing his teacher training programs. Hari is part of the first wave of yoga teachers that pioneered the teaching of Kundalini yoga and meditation in the west. Hari is an author of A Woman’s Book of Yoga and A Woman’s Book of Meditation (Penguin Randomhouse), a Kundalini Teacher and Trainer, and owner of Hari NYC The Treehouse, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Jazz, in the heart of the city.

What Yoga and Meditation Teachers Are Saying

Working with Hari, I feel a sense of relaxation, warmth, and light-heartedness just by being in her presence. The way that Hari interprets and teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan lights me up.

I have relaxed into my femininity and strengthened my nervous system. I now handle my work and life challenges with more grace and humor. An online meditation course with Hari would be the perfect opportunity to find the same self-relaxation skills that I have seen through working with her.

Sarah Petroski


When listening to Hari teach, it is as though I am hearing the whispers of my true Self, the 'me within me'​. She never raises her voice, never imposes; in fact, Hari is so subtle in her mastery of teaching Kundalini meditations that the spark of confidence, of courage to work and to enjoy the results of relaxed cheerfulness and Self possession feels less like an invitation from Hari than divine mischief of Pure Consciousness itself plotting for my enlightenment. Hari is the fairy godmother of Kundalini yoga.

Nöel Graupner


The tools and lineage Hari carries and passes on, play a key role in healing hidden parts of the self and reclaiming happiness. She is truly a pure channel for these teachings, for universal wisdom, and practical guidance.

Her beautiful ’Treehouse' is a safe and sacred haven, where the one priority is growth and in-depth exploration of these tools. It is a true blessing to witness someone so human, so radiant, so authentic, and truly enlightened.

Alhia Chacoff-Berger


The most beautiful aspect about Hari is that she is never rigid with traditions but allows you to open your mind and completely relax into who you are right now. And from this space of kindness and love towards yourself you will be able to blossom into your true power. Seriously, I don’t think there is a better meditation teacher.

Zita Harkaran Vasilisinova



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