A Playful Meditation Adventure For Kids

Brilliant things happen in calm minds.

Creative mindful videos guided by inspirational instructors to help children learn simple and effective meditation practices.

If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.
- Dalai Lama

About The Meditation

This is an engaging, imaginative and fun meditation video series, designed for kids, aged 6-9.

Children will learn how to better manage their bodies, energy and emotions! The benefits of these meditations will reveal themselves in many aspects of the child's life, It will help them to flourish in class and connect with their families, plus these Mindfulness practices will help to be more compassionate, focused, self aware, and can calm the mind down when experiencing difficult emotions.

Teaching kids is different from teaching adults. Kids have less patience, shorter attention span, and less capacity to sit still. On the other hand, they have a greater imagination, a sense of playfulness, and they learn by example. This meditation adventure provides a foundation for young minds to live a happier and healthier life.

The Videos

This video meditation adventure is taught by 4 experienced, compassionate and creative meditation teachers.

The course has 6 short form videos:

Easy engaging videos to learn a meditation practice:

* Breath Meditation
* Mantra Meditation

Playful practices to calm the mind:

* Blind Contour Drawing
* Giberish Meditation
* Visualization Meditation
* Visualization Meditation

Breath Meditation with Sah D'Simone

This 5 min. video is teaching a profound method of breathing. This meditation gets us accustomed to a coherent five breaths per minute routine, so that the brain gets the message that all is well and can turn on the self-healing system. In this activity, the two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System are synchronized, and the body operates with increased efficiency and harmony. It profoundly affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform. Our mind becomes calm and energized at the same time.

View a one minute preview below.

Blind Contour Drawing with Jackie Cantwell

This 7 min. video builds trust between the eye, heart and hand connection. This drawing game is not about the finished product, but about becoming anchored in the moment and learning to see! This practice has been known to balance heart rate, blood pressure, energy level and restore connectivity to one’s world. Here we use drawing as a way to cultivate mindfulness.

View a one minute preview below.

Mantra Meditation with Gemma Gambee Lewis

Mantra Meditation is a simple practice that uses short calming phrases to change the way we feel in our bodies and our minds. Once we allow ourselves to rest our awareness on the mantra (which is silently repeated in our mind over and over again) we are giving ourselves permission to be lead inward to the depth of self. The Mantra, Soham, means, ‘I am that’ referring to the unbounded self. Affirmations help children understand that, like the food they eat, the thoughts they think also shape how they feel and behave.

View a one minute preview below.

Giberish Meditation with Sah D'Simone

This 5 min. video releases stress, tensions and anxiety by inviting the sound of the voice. The addition of sound to a meditation practice has many benefits. Sound helps to quiet the mind, increase self-confidence and attention, and enhances one’s ability to listen, focus, and gaining attention to a greater level of details.

View a one minute preview below.

Visualization Meditation with Moun D'Simone

This 9 min. video is a guided visualization meditation where we create our very own tree house, a place where you can go anytime to feel safe, supported and at ease. A natural way to introduce children to mindfulness is through guided imagery, and this guided visualization brings awareness to the mind-body connection. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your child as they learn to listen to their inner wisdom and access their own power of healing.

View a one minute preview below.

Visualization Meditation with Gemma Gambee Lewis

This 9 min. video is a guided visualization meditation where we’ll create our own special animal friends to join us on our journey to a magical colorful garden. We’ll make things grow, share secrets, and take a dip in a magical pool that washes away all the bad icky feelings we experience in our life. By relaxing into a vivid story children gain tools to deal with stress, pain or difficult feelings.

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30 Minute Sound Meditation

Receive this FREE BONUS surround Sound Meditation by Jesse Flower Ambroch. It will bath you in deep comfort and facilitates a sonic balance between mind & body. Put on your headphones and surrender to this full 3-dimensional effect of therapeutic surround sound.

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Meet the Meditation Teachers

Jackie Cantwell

Jackie Cantwell is the energetic Founder of Project Remember, a network of kids programs for self discovery, and family retreats for community and connection. She has served as an educator for a number of organizations including Pratt Institute, the Corcoran and Virginia Commonwealth University. She has taught art and meditation to kids across the world.

IG: @thisisprojectremember

Sah D’Simone

Sah D'Simone is a author, ashtanga yoga & meditation teacher, a integrative Nutritional Health coach, and a breath body mind expert. He has lived and studied in Ashrams, Monasteries and Retreat centers around the world. The combinations of these experiences and studies led him to the creation of a cohesive philosophy for optimal health and well-being.

IG: @sahdsimone

Gemma Gambee Lewis

Gemma Gambee Lewis is a meditation teacher, psychospiritual counselor and artist. She classically trained for more than two decades in the traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism. Besides working with executives, entrepreneurs, influencers working in the creative, scientific and financial spaces, Gemma gained her experiences with children at the awarded The Reading Team in Harlem.

IG: @gemmagambeelewis

Moun D’Simone

Moun D’Simone is a Meditation and Yoga teacher, Empowerment Coach and Speaker. She spent 2 years studying Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism in India, Thailand and Indonesia, where she became certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. She studied Traditional Tantra and Kundalini Yoga as well. A Certified Breath-Body-Mind Teacher, NLP Practitioner, MBSR Trainee, she is currently studying Contemplative Psychotherapy with Nalanda Institute.

IG: @moundsimone

True education means providing an optimal environment in which each child’s self-regulated learning process can unfold naturally. After all, the very word ‘education’ comes to us from the Latin educare, ‘to lead out from within’, the highest qualities of each unique soul. In this process, meditation proves to be the most efficient and practical means.
- Swami Satyananda

Practice You: A Journal by Elena Brower

This book is for children and parents alike…

Record your flashes of insight, create and clarify your goals, reflect and dream.

With more than 150 beautiful pages of questions, teachings, inspiring imagery, and plenty of space to write, draw, and reflect, this journaling adventure guides us into nine compelling portals to our highest ways of living.


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