Rita Nakouzi

  • Garden of Buddha

Rita Nakouzi is a trend forecaster and director of 4.5 Productions, a research and design agency that identifies and uses trends to keep companies ahead of the curve. She has worked on diverse projects crossing all sectors of design and brand development from creating new brand strategies to inspiring seasonal collections to identifying consumer groups and building brand identity. She was previously the US, Managing Director of Promostyl Trend Office, an international trend and design agency based in Paris. She spent over ten years at Promostyl analyzing and reporting global trends in the women’s, men’s, beauty, and lingerie markets, and working on special contracts for Fortune 50 companies specializing in technology, beauty and apparel. She is the editor in chief of Serial, a quarterly publication that focuses on subcultures and their influence on design and culture.  She’s been a contributing editor at StyleSight and a contributor to the Sundance Channel’s Love/Lust series about life’s cultural innovations and how they progress from novelty to ubiquity.  She has a BA in Art History from Fordham University.