Alhia Chacoff-Berger

Alhia Chacoff-Berger is the founder of UPstate and part of the founding team at World Waters | WTRMLN WTR. Her mission is to create experiences and messages that inspire people to explore, heal, empower, and evolve our world. She has a background of over 15 years in production and experience design, and currently focuses on her private practice and personal ventures within the wellness, holistic, community building space and beverage industry.
She spends her time doing business development and serving on a number of boards, and creating retreats, workshops and experiences in the city and at her retreat center in upstate NY. Alhia is an explorer, adventurer, wife, and mother of two.
Upstate family is committed to the creation of experiences, containers and messages with a mission to explore, heal, empower, and evolve our world.