mission statement

WelcomeEarth is an online community dedicated to providing transformational media to those seeking a fully awakened life experience.

A collective of like minded individuals, we seek to encourage the growth and exploration of mind, body, soul and a healthy relationship with our environment and world.

We are devoted to providing content from ancient wisdom to new perspectives and the tools necessary to apply this knowledge in order to create the impressions that will inspire lasting change for our earth.


who are we

Gerald Forster – founder
Thom Knoles – curatorial adviser
Katia Tallarico – executive producer
Bronte Forsyth-Turner – managing editor


advisory board

Jimmy Balodimas, investor
Elena Brower, yoga guru and co-author of Art Of Attention
Tim McHenry, director of programs and performances at the Rubin Museum
Mads Kornerup, world traveler and founder of Shamballa Jewelry
Fabrizio Chiesa, director/photographer, Zen Buddhist & Humanitarian
Mark Semonian, entrepreneur
Sam Sohaili, co founder of DMA united and Ink & co
Craig Fleishman, business consultant